by Leto

I've been alive a long time. This seems like a weird thing to say if you've seen my species; small, "cute" and young looking. In other words, a popular pet. Unlike most, I haven't evolved, and I haven't been caught. I don't know if it is because I'm not strong enough, but I do know I like to stay as I am.

When I was young, there were a lot of others like me. A few evolved, a LOT were captured, and a few stayed in the wild.

A couple of people have seen me, a couple have challenged me, and I heard what their electronic guides told them about me.

"Oddish. The weed Pokemon. During the day, it keeps its face buried in the ground. At night, it wanders around sowing its seeds."

I've several thoughts on that.

First off; WEED?! Come on, that's a bit off! A weed is a plant that grows where it's not wanted, right? Maybe there were a lot of us when that Pokedex was written, but I don't think there are enough of us to call us WEEDS. Why aren't we wanted?

They don't seem to understand, maybe, what "its seeds" are. I'm not even sure I understand it myself, but I know that it's not any one species of plant. I've seen a lot of different things grow from my seeds. I've seen forests form from the hard work of the Oddish living there. And occasionally, if one is lucky, the seed they sow will sprout children.

My theory is that whatever human first saw us realised that, and that's why they named us "odd"ish. Although I find that a bit offensive, personally. We're no more odd than them. Less, in fact.

I've sowed plenty of seed in my day, I've seen plenty of new life, and I've produced many offspring. They all got caught. Children are a bit too energetic, they tend to move about in the day more instead of keeping a low profile as we ought.

I heard that people who study Pokemon were trying to work out why we keep our faces buried in the ground during the day. Humans are dumb. I thought it was pretty obvious. If you keep your face hidden, people will see your top and think you are just another plant. They will pass you by without thinking. Also, if you don't move around, you'll use up less energy. So all the sunlight absorbed in your leaves can be made best use of.

Our evolved forms are less fortunate than us. Because they can smell bad, people either don't want them, or evolve them as soon as they get them. Vileplume are considered powerful and beautiful, so of course they would want one to one of us 'lesser' plants. I don't know about that, though. Vileplume can't sow seeds. Most of them become arrogant, forget their humble beginnings, get big headed - I guess they'd have to with that ostentatious flower on it.

There is a Vileplume living in our forest, and I have seen a couple with trainers. I care little for them. I think it is safer to stay an Oddish, you are one step further from evolution.

But I think it it the fault of humans. Evolution by stones is something serious, it is a decision made by everyone in the forest and especially by the individual. Humans have no role in it. They don't know about the rituals and battles and decisions we hold to determine who may evolve. They just buy a stone and force the Pokemon to its next stage. That is not natural. Maybe some stones are human inventions. They are always wanting us to become stronger, so maybe they create forms of us that were not meant to be.

I am glad I am not an Eevee.

I woke up a little prematurely to usual, I don't usually waste time on contemplation or other foolishness while buried. My plant self was awake, my animal self was asleep, but now we will reverse roles, because I can feel the sun setting. The sunlight in my leaves is bringing me less energy. I am almost ready for the night.

The worst thing about having trainers is they don't recognise this. We need our patterns, our sunlight and sowing, to keep us in order. I think that keeping one in a Pokeball is the worst. No wonder they think us weak Pokemon.

No matter. Humans rarely come out at night, I've noticed. A few quick motions and I have freed myself. I am old, but I will be sowing my seeds until I die.

With so little Oddish left, the forest depends on me.

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